Bright Kelly: Lead Vocals, Guitar

Brian DiBiagio: Lead Guitar, Vocals

John Hoff: Drums, Percussion



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Brian DiBiagio

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Producer: Luke Tozour (Jamie Cullum, Mika, Katy Perry)

Engineers: Luke Tozour, Mike Bardzik

Recorded at The People's Music Studio, Los Angeles, California and Noisy Little Critter, Downingtown, PA. 


"If Counting Crows were fronted by a grittier, bluesier Adam Lambert, they'd sound like The Great Enough. Bright Kelly has the best set of male vocals in the City of Philadelphia." 

-Jammin Jessie, Radio 104.5, iHeartRadio

"Love their music. Take a listen and enjoy."

- Jo Mercer, Y102FM, Reading, PA

"The steady building track [Can You Relate?] builds to a climactic chorus, and shows how the power of music connects people. The ringing refrain [...] is a reminder that there is nothing more audacious or more rock and roll than hope."


"A lush, almost anthemic alt-rock track."

-The Hook Journal

"The City of Brotherly Love has once again delivered us sweet, gentle aural care in the form of [their] soul-drenched new single."

-Ouch! That Hertz

"Get ready for a throwdown..."

-The Millennial Noise






Recent News: On the heels of their successful stint at the Radio 104.5 11th Birthday Show with Imagine Dragons and Judah and the Lion, the band has been asked to perform at Rock at the Park 2018 - with Fuel, Eve 6, and Sister Hazel, at Clipper Stadium.

Every indie band claims to be the greatest thing you’ve never heard. The Great Enough doesn’t do that. Instead, this impassioned band from Philadelphia prefers to focus on what they are:

A complicated poet with generations of soul in his blood.
A happy-go-lucky rocker with a tame tornado in his fingers.
A United States Air Force war veteran with a kick-drum heart.

Their particular brand of vital, intense rock and roll has drawn comparisons to artists as varied as Foo Fighters, Muse, Kings Of Leon, and The Killers. Draw your own conclusions. The Great Enough is not interested in self-labeling. They want you to decide, for yourself, what they mean to you. 

If we are to let the music speak for itself, it will tell you that these guys work hard and care deeply. That they are exploring the human experience in as honest a way as they are able. That they want to laugh with us, and rage with us; they want to feel our loneliness and our exultation; that they want to roar. Everything else is up to you.


New album BORN released July 7. The album features a guest appearance by Chuck Treece of Bad Brains, and was preceded by "Inexplicable." Radio 104.5 and WXPN premiered the song.


Hit SINGLE, "Can You Relate?"

  • 1.1 million streams or downloads since release.
  • In rotation (iHeartRadio, Radio 104.5, i99FM, y102) on terrestrial FM radio, internet radio, and all streaming services.
  • Chosen by Pause and Play for a New Songs Playlist with Bleachers, Lady Gaga, Sting, etc
  • Selected for Golden Mixtape's "Match It" Playlist
  • Already Heard playlist feature alongside Rise Against, All Time Low, Pierce the Veil, etc
  • Featured in Round Magazine, Skope Magazine, New Millennium Music, PureVolume, The Hook Journal, and many more. 

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